We offer profitable, closely-held technology companies, with less than $10 million in revenue, the capital and operational guidance to break through current revenue ceilings.

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Partnership Services

Investments made by Main Line Equity Partners are not one-time events. Following the initial capital infusion, our financial and operational participation continues as we work with management to execute the strategic plan, delivering the essential resources to unlock company and shareholder value.


  • Sales talent acquisition
  • Sales cycle development
  • CRM strategy and processes
  • Pipeline management/forecasting
  • Product development alignment
  • Product packaging/pricing
  • Global channel development/management
  • Solution and enterprise selling
  • OEM contract negotiations
  • Licensing and partner agreements


  • New investment research/analysis
  • Strategic acquisition
  • Shadow board advisors
  • Functional business processes


  • Go-to-market planning
  • Development to first sale
  • Market expansion
  • Lead generation/web traffic
  • SEO and online visibility
  • Web refresh and repositioning
  • Product and sales messaging
  • Event planning and logistics


  • Budget and planning
  • Financial modeling
  • Financial reporting (quarterly/annual)
  • Tax planning and banking