We offer profitable, closely-held technology companies, with less than $10 million in revenue, the capital and operational guidance to break through current revenue ceilings.

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Elements of Strategy

Building active, long-term financial and operational partnerships with forward-thinking management teams seeking to transform their innovations into market-leading businesses creates superior company and shareholder value.

Portfolio Niche

Closely held, privately owned next stage growth companies with a defined business model and defendable innovation.

Risk Control

Structure transactions to protect value in downside scenarios; ensure key assets have strategic or franchise value; and collaborate with company management to develop multiple exit strategies.

Consistent Returns

Manage a diverse portfolio of companies designed to yield a high “batting average” rather than just a few "home runs".

Influence Outcomes

Participate at the Board level and an active operational role in the portfolio company (e.g., COO, CFO, VP Sales/Marketing).

Align Interests

Managing Partners invest 10-20% of their own capital in each transaction.

Liquidity Events

Exit investments only after achieving shared goals for growth/value.